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We provide quick, automatic order processing and easy results! Our system will automatically refund orders that cannot complete so you can re-order while notifying our support team about any issue.

Front-end & Back-end Support

After the lock downs & market obstacles, we have re-enabled a live chat for front-end support! While continuing back-end support with our main staff ("support tickets" in the menu, while logged in). For urgent issues, you may text us at: .. (289)-206-5567 to be assigned to an agent! Text "re-assign" with any issues/delays.


1. Sign up and log in

You need to sign up with random information and log in to your new followtrain account.


2. Deposit funds

Add funds to your account using a suitable payment option, or contact support in the menu via. "tickets", for a free sample balance of $1.75.


3. Place an order

Place your orders to help your brand become more popular. Contact support with any questions.


4. Fast results

We'll inform you as soon as your order is complete in your orders history, with auto balance refunds per error!

Our Social Media Marketing (SMM) tool is an online store where people are able to purchase cheap social media marketing services. When you sign up, you get $0.01 automatically - and you are eligible to request $1.75 to sample with - by contacting out support team via. "tickets" when you sign up & log in.

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